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Whether you need a consultation on a bankruptcy case, lemon law, traffic ticket or SSD, we can help.

At FerrisWinder, our team of attorneys and professional staff understands the frustration and uncertainty people experience when facing legal issues. With more than 35 years of combined experience and unwavering commitment to our clients, we help people in Richmond and across Virginia utilize the law to protect themselves, personally, professionally and financially.

Our team works wonders

An accomplished team

of professionals that can

can advise you on your case.

We believe in building attorney-client relationships that last. When you turn to us for a legal need today, we are confident that should a problem arise in the future, you’ll come back to us for support. Although you have options when obtaining a lawyer, we provide certain advantages that set our team apart:

Accomplished Litigators

  • We understand the value of diligence and building cases from the ground up
  • We explore all options and advise our clients toward the best course of action as it pertains to their specific situation

Our Specialties

  • We specialize in warranty and lemon law
  • Few firms in Virginia have a lot of experience handling these cases
  • We understand both the state and federal laws protecting consumers

A strong local presence

  • We are a local practice with a strong reputation in the legal community

Our Practice Areas


Struggling with a heavy debt burden?

Social Security Disability (SSD)

We can help you obtain the benefits you deserve

Warranty and Lemon Law

Were you sold a lemon? We can help you understand state and federal laws

Uncontested Divorce

Sometimes it's not your fault, and we can help guide you