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Yes and No

Unfortunately, this is a yes and no answer.  You should file bankruptcy when your bank accounts are at their lowest points in the month.  Typically, we want to file someone before they get their next paycheck or receive their tax refunds.  Many times, tax refunds are fully exempt from seizure by the bankruptcy trustee, but you still need to provide a copy of the returns for this determination.  Call us today to discuss the appropriate time to file your case. Transfers, sales and purchases that occur directly before bankruptcy are always looked at suspiciously by the court and the trustees involved in each case.  Consult with us today to prepare an appropriate plan for a fresh start.

This Is How We Do It:

  1. Call FerrisWinder, PLLC, at 804-767-1800 or email paralegal Cathy Wright by completing our contact form.
  2. We’re glad to set up a free consultation to answer your questions and make sure you qualify.

Many of our clients have found the process very helpful in lifting the burden of debt off of their shoulders. They quickly realize that bankruptcy is a useful tool, not a form of punishment. By working together, we can help you keep your home, stop garnishments, stop warrants in debt, stop repossessions, and often pay creditors back at pennies on the dollar.

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