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In rare circumstances, a bankruptcy can be denied, but these reasons are limited to a few special circumstances:

  • Hiding property to defraud or delay a creditor
  • Purposeful destruction of financial records
  • Perjury or falsification on the filing
  • Inability to explain loss of any assets
  • Violating a court order
  • Also, if you filed a previous Bankruptcy you may be barred for a period of time for filing.

This Is How We Do It:

  1. Call FerrisWinder, PLLC, at 804-767-1800 or email paralegal Cathy Wright by completing our contact form.
  2. We’re glad to set up a free consultation to answer your questions and make sure you qualify.

Many of our clients have found the process very helpful in lifting the burden of debt off of their shoulders. They quickly realize that bankruptcy is a useful tool, not a form of punishment. By working together, we can help you keep your home, stop garnishments, stop warrants in debt, stop repossessions, and often pay creditors back at pennies on the dollar.

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