Client Testimonials

Professional and hyper responsive. Answered all my questions and made me feel confident in themselves and the outcome throughout the entire process. Would recommend to all.


I recently had the FerrisWinder team represent me and I plan to do so for any future litigation. I recommend them because they are professional, responsive, answered my questions clearly, and fought for my best interests. Their knowledge of the legal process made me feel confident in my choice of selecting them to represent me. A very good law firm and I will be referring them to those in need.


I contacted Brad Winder over an ongoing vehicle concern. The personalized service, persistence, and tenacity of Mr. Winder, resulted in an extremely fair settlement with the manufacture; going far beyond my expectations. I am completely satisfied and highly recommend the FerrisWinder team for cases involving the Virginia lemon law.


This law office is outstanding. Cathy is very prompt and explains everything perfectly. Attorney Winder delivers on all levels and they both definitely have the clients best interest at heart!


Wonderful firm with an experienced, friendly, hard-working staff. Brad Winder was able to get a positive outcome for me because of his extensive knowledge and diligence. Would highly recommend.

My experience with the FerrisWinder Law Firm was nothing short of incredible!! Attorneys Richard Ferris and Brad Winder are two of the most knowledgeable, hard working, accessible, dependable and affable attorneys I have ever worked with, and I’ve hired/worked with many in the Richmond area over the years! They were very upfront both in their assessment of my Bankruptcy case as well as the costs involved, which is extremely competitive, affordable. You know exactly what’s covered and what’s not with the Bankruptcy fee, and what you can reasonably expect given different outcomes. I can tell you from past experiences, most attorneys are all about nickeling and diming your retainer fee with 15-minute incremented phone calls, charges per email and hard copies; you usually end up walking away with a 50% larger bill than what you were quoted for the job. Richard and Brad are all about getting the case right as the basis for their fee, not charging extra for the means to do so! The Bankruptcy process can be scary, tumultuous, unnerving and mysterious at times with unfamiliar rules and processes. But, Richard, Brad, and their excellent Paralegal, Ethan, were by my side, accessible, and reassuring every step of the way, any time of day. In my case, a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy, these gentlemen made the (expectedly) impossible possible with excellent documentation, research, and one incredibly detailed Petition…they left no stone unturned for the Federal Reviewer to discover and call question during the Proceeding. Thus, my petition was accepted and approved without question, the constant calls, letters, and badgering by creditors stopped completely and immediately, and my life is normal and peaceful again. If you are looking for an incredibly experienced legal team to provide unrivaled representation at a very fair rate, call Richard and Brad – you’ll be glad you did! Take it from me, legal problems can be life changing… it’s not worth leaving the outcome of your case in the hands of anyone lesser qualified, eager, or willing to do the job right. It’ll leave you disappointed at best, but, more often than not, broke and devastated.

— Terry